Springline Good Neighbour Scheme

Tel: 01522 412199

Community Group of the Year

Lincolnshire Good Citizens Award 2019

Springline Good Neighbour Scheme (SGNS) provides support for adults living in

Fillingham, Ingham, Cammeringham, Brattleby, Aisthorpe, Scampton,

North Carlton, South Carlton, Burton and Burton Waters

who, because of age, isolation, ill health, disability or whatever other reason

need regular or occasional help.

We have ambitious plans for 2020

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We had a sucessful 2019 and have ambitious plans for 2020, in particular the development of our visiting service.  Thank you to everyone who supported us through volunteering or donations in 2019.

If you would like to help us, by volunteering to visit someone to provide social contact, or to help with other volunteering opportunities please contact us.

If you feel isolated or lonely or need support in another way please call us or use the contact form.

We look forward to supporting the Springline Communities in 2020.

The area covered by the Scheme is within the purple boundary.

Click the map to find out more about what we do.