Springline Good Neighbour Scheme

Tel: 01522 412199

Community Group of the Year

Lincolnshire Good Citizens Award 2019

Springline Good Neighbour Scheme (SGNS) provides support for adults living in

Fillingham, Ingham, Cammeringham, Brattleby, Aisthorpe, Scampton,

North Carlton, South Carlton, Burton and Burton Waters

who, because of age, isolation, ill health, disability or whatever other reason

need regular or occasional help.

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During this period of restrictions SGNS can still help you with shopping or other tasks should you be unable to do them yourself or not yet feel confident to undertake them.

If you live alone and would welcome a friendly chat over the phone once in a while please let us know. 

If you need transport to an NHS appointment, the dentist or other essential journey we are able to help. 

You will find a list of useful suppliers here

If you do need transport ......

We ask that you wear a mask when our volunteer collects you and during the whole journey until the volunteer leaves you.  We also ask that you ride in the back seat of the car on the opposite side to the driver.  Our volunteer may have a window open to allow fresh air to enter the vehicle.

Please wash your hands or use hand gel as soon as you can before and after your journey.

If you feel unwell, have a temperature or any other Covid symptoms please don't travel.

The SGNS volunteer will also wear a mask

Covid-19 A Message from the SGNS Trustees

The warnings and advice regarding the Covid-19 virus are well publicised and we should, by now, all be aware of the precautions that we need to take.

Any volunteer with even the slightest signs of infection, or who is self-isolating, should not accept any assignments. 

We are also appealing for volunteers from the community to assist us, in addition to our regular SGNS volunteers. 

We are dealing with an unpredictable situation and will do our best to support our clients and urge all you all to take care.

The following sources of information will be helpful to you:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of the Trustees.

The area covered by the Scheme is within the purple boundary.

Click the map to find out more about what we do.