Springline Good Neighbour Scheme
'doing the things that good neighbours do'
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How can we help?

Here are just a few examples of how SGNS can help:

  • giving lifts to the doctor, hospital or dentist
  • fetching prescriptions and library books
  • shopping and running errands
  • providing company for those living alone
  • assisting with social outings for the housebound
  • sitting with someone who is ill to provide a break for a full-time carer
  • walking the dog for someone who is ill
  • helping with small things around the house (watering plants, etc.)
Essentially, SGNS aims to do things that any good neighbour would normally do!

We also provide extra hands at community events and give support to community groups.

We are not . . .
  • a replacement for paid labour (as we only help out, like good neighbours do!)
  • an emergency service (although in a crisis, we will try to help if we can)
  • a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (which looks out for criminal activity)
  • a provider of 'hands-on' care
Who can request help?
How can we help?
How does the system work?
How to get help
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