Good Neighbours Week 19-26 October

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Springline Good Neighbour Scheme

Tel: 01522 412199

Community Group of the Year

Lincolnshire Good Citizens Award 2019

Springline Good Neighbour Scheme (SGNS) provides support for adults living in

Fillingham, Ingham, Cammeringham, Brattleby, Aisthorpe, Scampton,

North Carlton, South Carlton, Burton and Burton Waters

who, because of age, isolation, ill health, disability or whatever other reason

need regular or occasional help.

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SGNS have made the final shortlist of the

CoOp  community champions

and we now need your vote.

Online voting  is from Monday 23rd September to Monday 21st October 2019.

Lincolnshire Co-op members can vote online by visiting http://www.lincolnshire.coop/ccvote

If you can't see Springline Good Neighbour Scheme please use the seach to 'choose to vote for other Community Champions.'

If you aren't already a CoOp member, please visit your local Lincolnshire Co-op branch to pick up an application or visit www.lincolnshire.coop/apply-now

so you can support us.  Only members who are registered before Monday 23rd September will be able to vote.

Springline Good Neighbours Week

19 - 26 October 2019

Events and entertainment for everyone

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 SGNS has completed over 3000 assignments

and our model has been the basis for wider expansion of similar schemes across the county

Here are just a few examples of how SGNS can help:

  • giving lifts to the doctor, hospital or dentist
  • fetching prescriptions and library books
  • shopping and running errands
  • providing company for those living alone
  • assisting with social outings for the housebound
  • sitting with someone who is ill to provide a break for a full-time carer
  • walking the dog for someone who is ill
  • helping with small things around the house (watering plants, etc.)

We also provide extra hands at community events and give support to community groups.


What we are not?

We are not . . .

  • a replacement for paid labour (as we only help out, like good neighbours do!)
  • an emergency service (although in a crisis, we will try to help if we can)
  • a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (which looks out for criminal activity)
  • a provider of 'hands-on' care